Sunday, October 17, 2010

Atlantic puffin, above.
New photos, just in, from friends who worked the Arctic this season.
Below, the Akademik Shokalskiy in front of a glacier.
Glacial tongue.
Breaching dwarf minke, just popping up to have a look.
Large 'sad' polar bear.
This far from the ice it's doubtful he'll find food.
The bearded seals are the main fare and it's likely
the ice is a good 500 miles North,
too far for this weakened bear to swim.
Matted, dirty fur is generally a sign of neglect and lack of interest.
That's what happens when they're hungry.
He's also lacking the energy to take off after these kayakers.
I'm not sure I would have gotten this close!!!
Polar bear food:
Bearded seal.
Arctic fox.
Thanks for the photo share, Marcos and Phil!

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